Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 11, 2015

Baby Shower Favor Tags

Personalize your Baby Shower Favors Baby shower favor tags make unique baby shower favors even more special. You can even go a step further with personalized baby shower favor tags, which are perfect to add a personal touch to say Thank you to your guests for making the day extra special.
There are plenty of places online to buy baby shower tags, but you can make them yourself for that added homemade feel. You can get creative and use scrapbooking pens and card stock to make the tags or you can print them from your computer. Use a program like Microsoft Word or Publisher or any graphics software to design and print your own personalized baby shower favor tags. A baby shower favor tag usually consists of a cute verse (see below) a picture of a baby item, and some personal info about the date of the shower and the Mom’s name. One cute idea is instead of a baby themed gif or clipart, you could use a digital photo of the Mom.  

Here are some verses you can add to your baby shower favor tag:

1. Bottles and booties, diapers and pins, this is where the love begins!

2. So sweet and cuddly, cute and fun, we're expecting a new little one!

3. A Baby Is A Gift From God

4. A Baby Is Love, Joy, & Life

5. Cuddly as a cloud, gentle as the night, a baby is the sweetest delight!

6. We've Been Flooded With Joy!

7. Sugar & Spice He's (She's) Made Our World Nice

8. Our Hearts Are Full Of Love

9. Buttons & Bows, Our Pride In Him (Her) Shows.

10. Someone Special, Someone Dear, Someone New To Love Is Here

11. We Reached For The Stars & Got An Armful Of Heaven

12. Someone new will be dropping in soon...

13. We can "beardy" wait for the new baby to arrive... (Great for a bear theme)

14. Some one is having a baby, Isn't that just ducky?!

15. Someone new will be arriving shortly...

16. Thank you for sharing this special day

17. Some bunny's having a baby! (Cute for a bunny theme)

18. A new baby will be fluttering in shortly...

19. We're expecting a new little one!

20. Diaper pins and bottles, Rattles and bows,

These are the little things that our new baby brings attach the tags to the favors and have them close to the door so you can give them out as the guests leave, or place them on the table at everyone’s table setting. Baby shower favor tags make a great conversational item and your guests will love them!