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Learn Guitar Fast and Easy

My name is Jeannette Jean, I am originally from the Caribbean, my father was a pastor- when I turned 15 he enrolled me in his church choir. Though singing was (and still is) my passion but guitar had peaked my interest and I wanted to learn to play. I asked one of the boys to teach me -my father approved and the young man was more than willing. He showed up on the Saturday of that week with his guitar in tune and ready to help my get started.

If the pedal’s producing a tone that doesn’t sound right, you probably have a circuit board problem. You’re going to have to use the schematic of the pedal along with the specifications of the components to make sure that every connection on the circuit board is working properly by using your millimeter as a test tool. Once you figure out where the problem lies, you may be able to swap out components using store bought parts or from another old pedal.

If any of these steps are beyond your knowledge, you may have to ask someone with more electronics skill to help you.

Check out our post on Distortion Pedal Maintenance which gives a lot of great tips on fixing and keeping your distortion pedal in great shape. Also check out our Distortion Pedal Schematics of most of the popular classic best distortion pedal.

As soon as I held the guitar he noticed there were problems: my nails were too long, and I am left-handed. As a teenager my nails boosted my self-esteem and thus – I was not willing to trim them down to the tips (I couldn’t have my cake and eat it too). So I continued singing which required no sacrifice :).

The desire to learn to play the guitar grew stronger as time went on due to the fact I was always exposed to players-I made a decision to cut my nails but the one thing that kept me from fulfilling my passion was that my right fingers are inactive and were unable to play the chords properly. My father noticed the sadness that was on my face–in a soft but firm speaking voice he said “everything is possible with a willing heart” someday you will learn to play the guitar. My father’s words resonated with me because he always use the terms “God willing” or “in the name of Jesus” at the end of every speech. And I was daddy’s little girl.

The Choir phased out and I started singing other genres as well. But love songs were my ultimate favorites-which made me popular because I had worked at a Radio Station for free after school and on week-ends and I gained access to the music database. Everyone knew everyone in the small community I grew up and thus, my passion for music was obvious. A boy had a crush on me before he articulated it to me he came one night after the entire neighborhood was sleeping he sat on a tree that was in front of my parent’s house. My folks didn’t allow me to have boyfriends (they were serious like a heart-attack-I broke that rule once and the punishment was severe) but as soon as he started strumming the chord of one of my favorite song, I knew I was in trouble.

But when I heard his warm vibrato sounds I knew I was about to break some serious rule… I fell in love with him through his voice. My parents tried to scare him off by banging on the paper thin wall, and telling him that people needed to sleep. Speak for yourselves I mumbled — I wasn’t sleeping, I gave them the impression that I was so they wouldn’t blame me. Why can’t you guys find something boring to do (like making love or something) to put you to sleep I said to myself. The boy finally left. The next day he sent a note asking me to be his girlfriend — after reading it without further adieu I said…it’s a Big! Fat! Yes! The messenger smiled and ran. The boy could not believe that I didn’t play hard-to get (like I used to) so he requested a note of consent from me.

We both knew were boyfriend and girlfriend but because I was under strict supervision we could not see each other privately but our mutual friends used different techniques to get us together. When we finally met, I was more interested in singing while he played the guitar-which worked the first time, and then he wanted to consummate the relationship. We kissed a couple of times but I didn’t want to make a habit of it (even though I was attracted to him) because I was afraid of getting caught- the next few times we were supposed to meet… I chickened out. On Christmas, my father was schedule to preside over the midnight mass- my mom was with him-they asked the next door neighbor to keep an eye on me and my 2 other siblings.

The neighbor’s son was a mutual friend of my boyfriend so he made arrangements for us to spend a few hours together.

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